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All about Decra Roofing Tiles and Their Prices

Decra, one of the world’s infamous steel tiles, is famous for its durability. The Decra tiles have existed for the last 50 or more years. They are available in over 80 countries throughout the world. In Kenya, the roofing option has gained fame among many homeowners. The housing sector has cumulatively shifted to these tiles by default of taste, making it the most trusted brand.

The Decra tiles come in various designs according to a customer’s suit. Each of them has its unique profile. We shall look at some of the types independently.

The Decra Classic tile

Each of the pressed tiles gives incredible strength.The beauty of natural stone chip coating enhances the profile. Homes that require a more substantial or bolder roof need this design.

The Decra Milano tile

Its versatility and interlocking profile specifications make it outstanding. It has soft curves and looks elegant and clean too.

The Decra Shingle Tile

This design works with both traditional and contemporary architecture. Some types of shingles are usually timber-made, thus expensive. They need installation over plywood decks. They are unique for their attractive appearance.

Other designs

Apart from the above designs, the following are further options you can choose:

  1. The Slate
  2. The Heritage
  3. The Shake
  4. The Fortiza tile
  5. The Fortiza Shingle

We recommend you make the desired choice according to your preferences.

Benefits Offered By the DecraTiles

The roofing product offers some benefits which attract many home builders. They include:

  1. Fire resistance – the raw materials for its manufacture are non – combustible. Steel coats the high–quality aluminum-zinc to enhance the attributes that prevent the hot embers from spreading if caught on fire.
  2. Light weight – the Decra tiles weigh approximately 7kgs for a square meter. That is a seventh of other tiles’ weight. Furthermore, each of the tiles is fastened securely at eight points, hence minimal chances of the roof collapsing.
  3. Cost-effective – though expensive during the initial purchase, the Decra tiles require minimal maintenance compared to the standard roofing tiles. The Decra roofing tiles prices in Kenya vary from one outlet to another giving the buyers more seller options to choose from.
  4. Durability –the color durability lasts many years. The color never fades. Moreover, the roofing tiles often come with an accumulative 50 – years total waterproof warranty. Everyone loves a product that will serve more extended periods without worrying about replacement.
  5. Invulnerable –the Decra tiles can withstand any natural calamity, including earthquakes. Their performance is outstanding whether you face rain, wind, or fire. Reports have shown Decra roofs still firm in areas hit by major earthquakes while the neighboring buildings collapsed severely. Probably, the lightweight proves vital.
  6. Security – it is impossible for one to break into properties through the Decra roofs.
  7. Testing – The Decra independent laboratories test the tiles. Expert technicians do the process toensure the product meets the highest customer standards without compromise.
  8. Highly resistant to corrosion – the tiles are subjected to salts and fog tests. Therefore, you should not be worried about degradation and corrosion.
  9. Noise reduction –The noise softens as the rain hits the roof due to stone coatings to ensure the home is quiet inside your home.


We understand that every individual has a different taste for roofing tiles. For this reason, our recommendations above are a guideline for making your perfect choice. We believe the Decra roofing tiles offer essential services with precious benefits.

Are you looking to have durable and robust roofs? The Decra tiles are a suitable option!

N/B: Please check your tiles on the back and confirm there is a Decra logo. It is critical to determine a genuine product.

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