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A Journey to Martam Village – Unknown East Sikkim

Have you heard the name of Martam Village?

I am pretty sure you did. This is a picture-perfect, little village located in East Sikkim, for which Singtam is the nearest big city. In 2021, we have visited this Martam Village as a part of our Sikkim tour. The more you will go uphill from Singtam, the more you will discover Martam’s natural beauty increasing.

Now, let’s talk about this place! In the ’80s there was a TV show, named Malgudi days. The show was based on a calm, cultivated, and picture-perfect place. When I have visited Martam, I experienced the exact same feelings that I got from watching the TV show. The people of this village didn’t cut down natural plants or trees for their own settlement. That is why you’ll see the green from every corner of this village.

I always had a great attachment to plants and trees. I believe, only the plants and trees can make a place look graceful and beautiful. However, we reached An Abode in the Mountain Resort at around two o’clock in noon. Generally, I like to stay at “homestey”. Although, I couldn’t find something to look forward to, however, I can say that it is manageable! This is the reason why I booked a resort beforehand. As I entered the resort, who knows how all my tiredness from the journey just vanished in a flash? An aristocrat ma’am and a young person gave us a warm welcome and took us inside. The whole porch area and the other spaces at the front were covered with a huge collection of flowers. Saw a big transparent glass on the floor at the front door, and underneath it, the floor of this resort. I got so surprised and asked the madam,” Do you also have a floor at the bottom?” And she replied “Yes, there is!” I also noticed that this lady had a continuous smile on her face.

The environment inside the resort was so fascinating. It had a huge living room with a light green sofa, which blended very well with the surrounding nature. When I was filling out our entry details, my wife had already started a bit chitchat with that madam. I would also like to add that my wife is can be so friendly, that she can start a good conversation with anyone. Do you want to hear some glimpse of this conversation?

Wife: What’s your name?

Ma’am: Yeshi.

Wife: Eshee?

Ma’am: Yeshi.

Wife: Ohh, I got it! It’s Oishee.

Ma’am: Yeshi, Yeshi.

Wife: Ohho, Yeshi! What a lovely name!

From their conversation, I got to know that, Miss Yeshi lives a bit far away from this resort. If there are guests, she stays here. While they were busy with their conversation, my eyes got stuck to look beyond the windows behind, to view the forest! Wow, such a beautiful evergreen forest, right beside where I am going to stay!

Finally, we entered our room! Do you know how I felt after entering this room? If you want to enjoy a very relaxed trip, wait, actually there are lots of definite explanations for any kind of trip, right? For instance –

1.Will explore a lot more spots this time, as we got this vacation.

2.This trip is only for trekking.

3.This trip should be very adventurous.

  1. On these vacation days, I’ll peacefully enjoy the view of mountains, will also enjoy the sunset and sunrise, no rush, just enjoy!

There could be more criteria but if your answer is number 4, then this “An Abode in the Mountain” will be the perfect place for you! You want to know why? Let me explain-

Our room was huge and there was a wall which was facing the valley, was actually a huge glass window, and connected with a big porch sight or veranda. I was not feeling to get up from here at all and was about to enjoy the sunset from this place. If not called for lunch and I wouldn’t go for sure. I still didn’t know about the awaiting surprises, I was about to go to the dining room but madam said, “Our lunch arrangement is on the rooftop”. After going to the rooftop I couldn’t believe my eyes, the environment was so calm and soothing. The whole rooftop is gathered with a huge collection of flowers, I don’t even know all the names of these flowers! With all these beauties all around, there is our food arrangement, and above all, here is the mighty Himalaya, standing with pride, right in front of us.…

The roof area is kind of surrounded by forest. Also, in the front extended valley, they do step cultivation. This valley turns fully green from June to July when it reflects the multiple shades of green. And in October, the whole valley turns golden, when the paddy gets ripening. Ahhaaa! I can’t even imagine how beautiful that could be! Just think for a moment, you’re having your breakfast in this breathtakingly beautiful spot and the mountain is being so hazy with that golden touch, or during the rainy season, the cloud is being so playful with the combination of greenery, and you’re feeling these light touches! While thinking all this, I was finished with my lunch. And then and there, decided to enjoy next morning’s tea at this corner.

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We went to this location in the spring and at this time the mountains were gray. But I realized that it would not be so justified if I don’t come here in the rainy and autumn season. The ma’am of this resort informed us, we could spot a waterfall by trekking and could enjoy a beautiful sunrise point. We decided to visit this site the next morning.

Spent this nice evening by camp firing. On the others side, my wife and that ma’am are having many conversations, introducing my wife to various flowers. I looked up at the sky, the full moon has risen on the top of wild trees and the colorful flags of the high Buddhists are flying lightly in the air. The scene made my soul clear. The dinner was also quite neat and tidy.

So, the next morning I was having breakfast on the roof as I dreamed of. Meanwhile, the aristocratic lady informed me, she’ll also accompany us for the trek to the waterfall. Because the person, who was supposed to take us to the waterfall location, was not able to come because of some personal inconveniences. We told her that we could manage on our own to visit this site, but she didn’t agree. She doesn’t want her guests to face any kind of trouble. So, she took the responsibility to help us with this visit and obviously my wife became so happy as she could make some conversations along the way.

Finally, we started our journey through this small village happily to enjoy the waterfall sight. The houses of this village are so beautiful and cute. Also, filled with various flowers.

So, the winding path of these mountains and forests began. After a while, we started to walk through the narrow forest. Gradually, we were close enough to hear the soothing sound of the waterfall. We’re getting close, walking on the dry leaves with a squeaking sound. After going some distance we found a small village. Every person who met with us in this small village, smiled and greeted us very heartily. Ohhh! Now we’re quite able to see that waterfall, but it’s still a bit far away, we’ve to walk more to meet with this beauty. While trekking, the ma’am offered us dates, cashews, oranges, and lemons. We were eating and walking, and after having some good conversations, finally, we reached our location. There was a well-managed seating area in front of the fountain, you can enjoy the fountain while sitting in this area.

After a while, it was time to return to our place. We noticed an old lady, sweeping the dry leaves from the road. I asked this old lady,” Do you do this every day!” And she said, “Yes, I always clean these leaves! Lots of tourists come here to enjoy this location, so if it is not clean and tidy, will it look good?“ This place is certainly as beautiful as the people here. They never calculate the profit and loss, they just know to keep people so happy, just like they keep the beauty of this nature!

We took another road, on our way back. The ma’am is introducing us to the many medicinal plants. After trekking a bit high allotted road, the village, that we walked through before, it looked like a picture! Without wasting any time, I took some good photos. Then we started to walk again, it would be at least ten kilometers trek to the fountain and back. As we returned from the fountain, I didn’t do anything! Just took a cup of tea in hand in the evening, and sat on the veranda in my room. Told you before, this place is the actual definition of beauty. It will tell you not to rush things, it will provide you with such a variety of natural beauty from time to time. I just sat there and enjoyed the offerings! As I only have one night, just one more night to admire this place.

The madam told many stories while we were having our meals. She shared much unknown information about Sikkim and also told us about many trekking routes. There was a time when she used to travel to different places for work purposes. And it will not be enough, no matter how much I praise her staff and their hospitality.

So, It was our turn to return the next morning. Yeshi ma’am took us to show her meditation room which is a very neat house on one side of the roof and she kept the religious gurus’ pictures of the Buddhist community. There is an arrangement to sit and meditate properly. My heart was lightened by a slow rhythm, the soft music, and the holy scent altogether.

It will take about four hours to reach the next destination, this is why the madam handed us a dozen of bananas, so we could eat these when we’ll get hungry on the way to our destination. And she told to my wife, “I usually don’t talk this much, however, I did with you all, it felt really good”. The car arrived just in time… and now we’re leaving behind the “An Abode in the Mountain Resort” at Martam village, which is delicately covered with layers of flowers. We will come again to see another captivating and levitating scene of the rainy and winter season…

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