A Global Entrepreneur on a Mission to Make eCommerce More Accessible

A Global Entrepreneur on a Mission to Make eCommerce More Accessible

The popularity of E-commerce is increasing day by day as more and more businesses are going digital to sell online and meet the expectations of modern consumers. But eCommerce business success does not come overnight. Starting and growing an online business requires hard work, determination and an appropriate approach. Fortunately, Mehtabjit Teja is an eCommerce expert and entrepreneur who knows the building blocks of online business success and is on a mission to make eCommerce accessible for those striving to build careers in this digital sphere.

If you’re about to start an online business or just want to increase sales of an existing one, go through the article to learn how Mehtabjit Teja has built successful online businesses and what you can learn from his experience to scale your business effectually.

Mehtabjit Teja also known as Ronnie Teja is an admirable name in the eCommerce industry with ownership of more than 10 established online businesses. He is not just an entrepreneur, but he also speaks about eCommerce and online business success at events and talks organized by different corporate sectors. Along with managing his empire of online brands, a core priority of Ronnie is to share his experience and knowledge with entrepreneurs who are struggling hard to increase their sales or are just about getting started with eCommerce.

According to Mehtabjit, everyone has the same chance to start an eCommerce business regardless of the resources and expertise. But the right approach and hard work are the main differentiators between success and failure, he said.

eCommerce Journey on Mehtabjit Teja

Mehtabjit Teja immigrated to Vancouver, CA in 2008 when he was 22. He started working as a digital marketing professional for several popular brands in Canada. During his job period, he learned a lot about eCommerce and decided to start his own store. Branzio is a successful online store launched by Mehtabjit and sells high-quality watches worldwide.

I am running more than 15 websites and do 8 figures in revenues, Mehtabjit said in an interview. At Branzio Watches, we are selling men’s watches (our primary product) in 60-plus countries and we have a plan to scale the brand to about 120 countries using the expertise of our 75+ remote employees. I am a Canadian and I love traveling the world, he added. Mehtabjit Branzio was a huge success in eCommerce, and it quickly became his passion. He is a real example for beginners as he started his journey with no solid background in eCommerce.

Overcoming The eCommerce Obstacles

Success is not a piece of cake, but you earn it with hard work and consistency in your efforts. There are several obstacles and interruptions in the eCommerce sector that entrepreneurs need to overcome to achieve their goals. Mehtabjit Teja knows it all very well as he failed in his several projects but was never disappointed. With 10 plus years of experience in the field, Mehtabjit is on a mission to make eCommerce more accessible to all by sharing his expertise with others with the same interest. Obstacles for online businesses can come in different forms like lower traffic, reduced conversion rates, and inability to retain customers. He is an expert in all these things and has the professional skills to scale online businesses excellently.

According to Ronnie, the importance of having a solid foundation and the need for a clear vision cannot be denied when it comes to land success in the eCommerce business. He invites both eCommerce beginners and online entrepreneurs to follow his social profiles so they can get the latest news, industry updates, and eCommerce tips to stay ahead of the game and improve their bottom lines.

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