8 Safety Tips on Using a Gel Blaster Gun

8 Safety Tips on Using a Gel Blaster Gun

Gel blasting is a process that uses a gel-like solution to remove paint, rust, or other types of surface coatings. This tool found at Tactoys Company can be used in many ways in any industrial setting or for DIY projects at home to remove the old finish and open up spaces for new.

Before turning on the gun, read and understand these safety guidelines.

1. Keep it out of the reach of children

Many electrical tools are made safe around children, but it’s still essential to keep gel blaster guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. These guns use water and air pressure to blast away at any surface, including materials that can eat through the skin. The safety measures built into these tools will fail if a child or other unauthorized person gets their hands on one.

2. Wear protective gear

The gel blasting process uses high-pressure air, water, and chemicals to blast away at the surface. These ingredients can cause a lot of problems if they touch your skin. To prevent these hazards from getting near you, wear gloves and other safety gear to keep substances off your skin. The spray nozzle on the gun can get adjusted to control the flow of chemicals at a safer level.

3. Do NOT wear clothes you don’t want to get paint all over

Before using the gel blaster, take off your regular clothes and put on something that will hold the ingredients as you blast away. The spray nozzle will work as a vacuum to suck up the excess paint and other gun chemicals. Fleece sweaters are perfect for this job.

4. Don’t expose yourself to the gel blaster’s air

Although you are wearing all the safety gear necessary to protect yourself from the gel and chemicals in the gun, it’s still essential that nobody else is in the space with you. If you use the gel blaster, make sure that the rest of your work area is clear of anyone with you in it. The air pressure produced by using this tool can send shrapnel flying through even thin walls.

5. Don’t use a gel blaster while operating machinery or a vehicle

Using this tool while operating power tools or cars can cause much damage. Although some manufacturers claim that they have modified their products to be safe for this purpose, it’s still important that nobody is in the house with you while you are using them. Simultaneously, make sure that you are not operating any machinery or vehicles.

6. Don’t clean or repair the gun while it is running

This tool uses a vacuum system to create pressure and suck away excess chemicals as you work. This can be very important in keeping you safe while you work with it. However, if something breaks on the gun while you are using it, do NOT get in the way of that vacuum system. Get the tool turned off before working on repairs.

7. Don’t run the gun for more than 4 minutes at a time

Gel blaster guns use high-pressure air and water to remove surface coatings. It works so well that you can quickly blast away the finish and leave nothing but bare metal in your wake. Once you have removed the paint, rust, or coating on your project, turn off the tool before you start another blasting round. Also, try not to let it run for much longer than four minutes at a time.

8. Leave the gun alone until it has cleared itself

After the chemical solution has been scrubbed away, the gel blaster can take up to an hour to completely dry out. This can be very important if additional blasting is needed. If you touch the gun after it has been dry, it can get scalding and burn your skin. If this happens, do not touch it until it reaches room temperature.

In conclusion, numerous different gel blasters can be used for various purposes. Gel blasting is a safe process that can be used for many things, including home improvement and DIY projects around the house. It would be best if you always kept safety guidelines in mind to avoid damage.

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