6 Tips in Planning a Walk-in Wardrobe

6 Tips in Planning a Walk-in Wardrobe

A custom walk-in wardrobe offers more storage than the usual pre-built cabinets that you buy in the market. Since it’s bespoke, you can get a design that maximises your space and efficiently fits your things. Organising will be a breeze when you have one. If you are thinking of getting a walk-in wardrobe for your bedroom, here are some helpful tips to consider.

Measure your space

Walk-in wardrobes are just like any other room in your home. You need the exact measurement to ensure that the fitted wardrobes or built-in cabinets will fit properly. It is the first thing you need to consider as it will serve as your guide with all the planning. Your chosen service contractor will also need this information when they create the design for your walk-in wardrobe.

Determine the best layout

There are different layout styles available, and since it is a customised project, you can choose something that will work for you. Consider convenience and functionality when determining the layout. For example, if you fold most of your clothes, you may have more areas for storing folded clothing than hanging outfits. See which ones you want to stay open and which you wish to have covers or doors. You may also decide to include a vanity table so you can do everything there, from make-up to dressing up.

Maximise the space

When planning the wardrobe, consider the corners and upper areas that are often out of reach. Work with your contractor to find a workaround that will make them usable to maximise your space, especially if the room is only limited in size. For instance, some cabinets are designed for corner use. Put things that you seldom use on the upper part, and keep those you often utilise within reach.

Consider your clothes and shoes

It’s time to do an inventory of your clothes and shoes. Measure them to determine the depth and height of the wardrobe and its dividers. You want your longest dress to fit perfectly when you hang it and your tallest boots to have space. Make room for some more if you see yourself shopping for more clothes and shoes in the future.

Have something for your accessories

Accessories include your jewellery, hats or caps, belts, and bags. These small items can cause clutter if they don’t have their designated places. Your wardrobe is not only for your clothes and shoes but your accessories too. Have a drawer where you can neatly store your jewellery. It will be convenient to access them when you need them. Proper storage will also prevent damage or breaking. The same goes for the other accessories. There are hooks and racks that you can use to hang them.

Include a full-length mirror

You want to see how you look from head to toe to ensure that your entire ensemble looks flawless. Incorporate a full-length mirror in your walk-in wardrobe for that purpose. It’s also a trick to make the room look more spacious.

The cost of building a custom walk-in wardrobe depends on the size and materials you will use. Get an estimate from professional and reliable service providers to compare their prices.