6 Fun Facts You Never Knew About St. Albert, Canada

6 Fun Facts You Never Knew About St. Albert, Canada

St. Albert is a one-of-a-kind city, but many don’t realize just how unique it is!  Although it’s often thought of as a small town on the outskirts of Edmonton, it has a lot going for it that even Edmonton can’t claim.

These are six fun facts about St. Albert that would entertain anyone.

There Are Over 99 Kilometers of Trails Here

One of the largest trails in the area is known as the Red Willow Trail System.  This offers recreation and exercise space to the residents of St. Albert, who are known for being passionate about their work-play balance.  The Red Willow Trail System has over 99 kilometers of trails that connect neighborhoods, parks, recreational spaces, and so much more.  You can explore most of the city using this path, and it’s a must-visit part of St. Albert.

Rated #1 Best Small City to Live in Canada

If you love tiny towns and small cities that have a more laid-back style of living: you’ll love St. Albert.  This town was rated the number one best small city to live in Canada by MoneySense Magazine in 2016: and for a good reason!  St. Albert has a low cost of living compared to many large cities while still offering endless entertainment, fun, and a more laid-back style of living.  

The Home Theater Hosts over 200 Performances a Year

The theater is an important art form that many have been missing in recent years.  St. Albert’s residents are lucky enough to be able to call the Arden Theater their local theater!  Not only does it offer a large array of shows and entertainment every year: it hosts over 200 performances a year.  This means that everyone can find a show that will match their schedule and be able to come out and support their city’s performers.

Over 99% of Residents Here Leave it a Positive Rating.

Every city has its pros and cons.  We all have lived somewhere that we live, but we could absolutely understand someone else giving it a negative review.  St. Albert breaks this idea, though!  When the city recently put out a Community Satisfaction Survey of random residents, over 99% responded positively and said they love living in this city.  This is an unheard-of percentage but makes sense if you’ve ever visited the area.

It’s Home to Western Canada’s Largest Farmers’ Market

A farmer’s market is one of the best ways to guarantee you get fresh produce and get to support local farmers.  Many have jumped to get St. Albert real estate simply because of how large and available the St. Albert Farmer’s Market is!  As the largest in Western Canada: it has a lot to offer.

St. Albert is an Arborist’s Dream

St. Albert is home to over 60,000 managed trees that are cared for and watched after by the city: as well as countless natural vegetation areas beyond these trees.  Every city should strive to be this green.

There’s No Small Town With as Much Personality as St. Albert

Whether you’re heading to town for a vacation or you’re considering moving here, St. Albert will leave you stunned and excited to see more.  Consider stopping into town and exploring all of the incredible things this city has to offer!