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5 Things to Consider When Buying a Trapper Hat

With fashion-conscious individuals ranging from teens to seniors, the trapper hat has become increasingly popular in the men’s winter hat category. Even though the trapper hat isn’t worn for hunting anymore, it’s still a favorite for skiing and other outdoor sports during winter. 

If you’re looking to purchase a trapper hat, you should also look out for five specific attributes. Continue reading to find out more about them. 

Exterior Material

All trapper hats are made with different exterior materials, and each has its pros and cons. Historically, trapper hats were made from fur or leather, and both materials are available today. Wool and cotton plaid, as well, are other popular exterior materials. If you will be spending time in cold, wet weather, a synthetic exterior made of polyester or another water-proof material is usually best. 

Interior Material

In those days, fur was the warmest and most readily available insulating material. Though still available, these materials aren’t as popular as they once were, since man-made materials have taken their place. In today’s market, you can choose among cotton, faux fur, and a variety of synthetic materials. During very cold temperatures, some trapper hats also feature wicking polyester blend materials on the interior to help keep you warmer. This men’s hat style will certainly be improved by these clever innovations!


Even though the color can be considered to be a personal matter, it’s still important to keep in mind. For leisure activities such as skiing and snowboarding, bright, primary colors are generally preferred. A variety of earth tones including browns, greens, and grays can also be popular for casual wear and outdoor work. In cold-weather situations, when a formal dress is required, a black trapper hat is a stylish and classy option. Hunters may also choose trapper hats in camouflage and hunter orange.


Brims are a standard feature of most trapper hats. The flap of the cap remains folded up unless there are harsh winds, in which case it can be lowered to protect from the wind. There are, however, trapper hats without visors or brims available on the market. The brim option is recommended if you live in an area with extreme cold or high winds.

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Chin Straps

As long as you’re on the lookout for the best trapper hats for you, you’ll discover that there are several options available when it comes to chin straps. Various types of straps are available, including buckles, snaps, clips, ties, Velcro, and adjustable straps.

Final Thoughts

Trapper hats have historically been favored by mountain men, frontiersmen, lumberjacks, hunters, trappers, and skiers. There’s no other men’s winter hat that provides the protection you need for your entire head, including your ears, chin, and nape of the neck.

Nowadays, the comfortable trapper hat comes in a variety of materials, including leather, fur, fabric, and polyesters. Their high-quality materials will ensure that your head, ears, cheeks, and neck will stay comfortably warm for many winter seasons. 

Bringing men’s hats to a new level is indeed a great idea. Start your search for the best trapper hat today.

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