5 Negative Skin Care Trends That Will End Up Harming You

5 Negative Skin Care Trends That Will End Up Harming You


Every time we open social media, we see a beauty influencer propagating a new skin care hack!

With remote working during the pandemic becoming the new normal, our dependence on digital platforms has allowed for the creation of several trends.

There are workout trends, food trends, and our personal favorite, skin care trends. The thing is that while skin care trends sound exciting and want us to try them out, in reality, they can be dangerous and cause health risks and concerns.

According to leading dermatologists and medical professionals, not everything that you see on social media should be followed through. Make sure that you are doing your own research in verifying the credentials of such skin care trends or hacks.

In this article, we are going to shed light on five trends that had become relatively popular during 2020 and 2021 but ended up negatively affecting the skin and overall health.

Why did Skin Care Trends, Hacks, and DIY Tips become Popular during the Pandemic?

Most of us had been forced to start working from home because of the social distancing enforced by the pandemic. As nation after nation went into lockdown, people started becoming more dependent on smartphones, tablets, the internet, social media, and Ecommerce platforms.

With some free time of our hands, most of us wanted to pursue something or the other that interested us. While some of us grew fond of cooking or baking, others tried their hand at musical instruments. The beauty-conscious among us engaged with DIY skin care exercises.

If experts are to be believed, skin care brands worked aggressively with influencers in the wellness, beauty, makeup, and skin care niches to deliver online experiences and set expectations. Suddenly sheet masks, essential oils, and CBD skin care became all the rage.

People were putting everything into a paste and applying it on their faces and body! Most importantly, they were doing this without any prior consultation from a dermatologist or any other qualified medical practitioner.

List of 5 Negative Skin Care Trends that will end up harming you

1. Pull-Off Sheet Masks that are scented and flavored

The first thing that you should know about sheet masks is that they are laden with harmful chemicals and toxins. Everything from the color to the smell is all artificial. When you peel them off to witness clearer skin, what you will be left with is irritation, itchiness, and redness. Some sheet masks get clogged to the pores of our skin and lead to acne and breakouts.

2. Essential oils are artificial and have no skin care benefits-

You need to understand that while essential oils contain some percentage of natural ingredients, they exist in a highly concentrated form. This means that the levels of concentration are so high that it can affect the natural PH levels of your skin. It can easily end up clogging pores, and cause an itching sensation to individuals that have a combination skin type.

3. Organic and natural skin care products are not what they seem-

While there is growing awareness of the levels of harmful chemicals and toxins that are available in skin care products, the change to ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ has not always been true. For some brands, it has mostly been a rebranding and label-changing exercise with lots of asterisks to show that they are not truly organic or natural. Please do your research on them.

4. Avoid DIY skin care hacks that everyone is asking you to do-

Even though natural ingredients and products that are available in your home are safer than chemicals, you are never quite sure how they will react. While lemon contains Vitamin C and is good for the skin, it should not be applied to the skin. It is too concentrated. Please avoid DIY skin care hacks that have no logic or reason. Don’t do them just because someone else is.

5. Trying new and exciting plans for immediate results-

While what we eat definitely has a role to play in how good or bad our skin looks, it is advisable that you do not opt for unsubstantiated diet plans. If you are eating healthy and sleeping well, your skin will always be in a good condition. If you are not, no amount of keto diet will be able to help you. You might have to go to the ER in case you end up with an adverse reaction.

The Final Word

Rather than look at search engines and social media for information and education on skin care, a better idea would be to book an appointment with a certified dermatologist. If you have any more pressing questions on skin care trends, or want to add to the list of what should be avoided, please let us know in the comments below.