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5 Must Visit New Tourist Attractions in Uluwatu Bali

In the past, when you heard the name Uluwatu, you would immediately remember the famous temple in the Pecatu Traditional Village, South Kuta, Badung, Bali. But now, many changes are happening, and more varied tourist destinations appear. Explore for more?

The temple, located at the tip of the southwest part of Bali, is identical to the surrounding corals. In fact, it is very iconic and has been used as a photo spot at various events to introduce Bali domestically and internationally. Multiple exciting places are waiting if you plan to visit the tourist area in Uluwatu.

5 New Tourist Attractions in Uluwatu

While in Bali, make sure you spend your time well by visiting various popular places in Bali. Ranging from restaurants to exotic scenery. It turns out that these five iconic locations are increasingly being visited by tourists. Here are our recommendations in Uluwatu.

  • Malini Agro Park

If you want to bring along your family to travel to this area, Malini Agro Park can be one of the right places. The tourist area has a garden concept, with various kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Its location is also strategic, so the view that can be seen is the view of the Ocean of the Indian Ocean. You can choose a relaxing place on the cliff’s edge, then order food and drinks that taste good. If you want to swim, there is also a unique pool of guests for children and adults.

  • Single Fin

This restaurant combines the nuances of modern, western, and traditional Balinese tourism. The location is also stunning, with a view of the beach. It is perfect for gathering with friends and enjoying the twilight time while waiting for the sun to set. So, those who want to enjoy a sunny afternoon accompanied by waves and delicious food must come to the Single Fin.

  • Jaran Hill

If you want to find a photo spot for a cliff-top view with a perfect sea view, Jaran Hill must be visited. There are various unique photo locations with natural designs, perfect for those looking for a stunning natural background.

This location is suitable for healing and relaxation from the hectic daily routine. You can scream as loud as you can on the cliff to release fatigue. Then, enjoy food and drinks from the nearest restaurant with affordable taste and price.

  • Suluban Beach

Suppose Gili Trawangan has a white sand beach which is very famous. Bali also has a Suluban beach that is no less beautiful. For those who like to surf and want to try waves with a maximum height, please try the sensation of surfing here. You will find many foreign tourists who have the same hobby, trying their ability to conquer the waves of Suluban.

  • Palmilla Bali

The party place currently viral in the Badung area is Palmilla Bali, with a design similar to beaches in Hawaii equipped with white tents lined up facing the sea. Many photography spots are not to be missed, plus the menu offered by the restaurant is also super delicious and has lots of choices.

If you want to visit the Southwest part of Bali, it is mandatory to see the iconic temple first. After that, try to visit another exciting tourist attraction with its own characteristics as listed above.

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