5 Key Visual Hacks for Better Online Visibility

5 Key Visual Hacks for Better Online Visibility

This rapid development of the Internet has made promotional visuals more important than ever before. The growth in the number of smartphone users has contributed to this trend. From 3.6 billion mobile users in 2016 to 6.3 billion users in 2021, it’s expected that there will be 7.5 smartphone owners in 2026. This means that things will be moving towards visual marketing in the time ahead.

Business owners need to bear in mind that visuals are the key to better online visibility.

In this article, we’ll describe some practical visual hacks that will help businesses grow.

1) Multiple video promotion

Videos are the hottest visual marketing trends at this moment. For instance, about 87% of marketing professionals use video promotionfor business purposes.

New business owners should embrace various forms of video promotion, such as:

  • Explainer videos. When visitors come to the homepage, they want as much information as possible about the business in question. Explainer videos help entrepreneurs efficiently present what they do and how they do it in a minute or so. That’s why explainer videos are now the ABCs of visual marketing.
  • Promotional videos. Business owners who want to present specific products and services or an outstanding business success should use promotional videos. They can adapt them to their current needs and constantly produce new such materials for different purposes.
  • Educational materials and tutorials. Some businesses can use videos to make and share educational materials and tutorials. You need a web camera, a proper microphone, and relevant content. Such materials can have a major role in increasing your conversion rates. Leads and random visitors who learn something new from you are more likely to convert into customers.
  • Testimonials. It’s more probable that users will click on a testimonial video than read a testimonial article. Ask your clients to record short visual testimonials. Other potential customers will see what makes you stand out from the crowd.

2) Authentic visuals

In addition to various kinds of videos your business should use, post as many authentic visuals as possible.

You can use a smaller number of stock photos for general blog posts.

Still, when you’re writing about your personal business activities or stories, add your own visuals.

For instance, you can take photos of your office and your employees if you’re writing a PR article to attract new employees.

If you’re creating guides or tutorials to help people use your products and services, include images, screenshots, instructions, infographics, and any other suitable forms. The more genuine materials you share to support your business concepts, the higher conversion rates you can expect.

3) Smooth user experience

Even though visuals are extremely important today, avoid falling into the trap of excess. If you cram your business website with too many visual details, it will have a negative effect on user experience. When users can’t quickly find what they’re looking for, they usually leave the website and don’t come again.

That’s why using your genuine images and videos is a smart thing to do. When you prove your business points with authentic visual evidence, it looks more convincing.

Apart from that, keep the vital parts of your website smooth and clean. As suggested by the web specialists working for a web design company from Houston, keep the checkout area free of ads or any other distracting visuals. The same goes for landing pages.

When visitors come to those sections, they’ve probably seen enough of your visuals. Now let them buy so you can reap the fruits of your visual marketing effort.

4) Different presentation forms

Business owners need to be aware that not all visual features suit all purposes.

For instance, if you want to present some important business stats, either for your venture or your industry, turn to infographics and charts.

Add different colors for different features to make the presentation visually interesting.

If you need to combine stats, figures, and written content on the website, use infographics. There are some practical infographic tools that will help you create informative and visually attractive materials in no time.

When you’re planning to hold a presentation for your workers or business partners, use PowerPoint presentations. This solution is still the best mixture or practical features and visually attractive options.

5) Social media promotion

No matter how attractive your visuals are, they won’t reach their full potential if you don’t share them on social media.

In line with that, launch your business pages on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The first two networks will help you identify the right target audience for your business goals. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is a great network for business owners to connect with other entities. You can find skillful professional collaborators, employees, and business partners.

Make sure to publish every blog post on Facebook and LinkedIn. Add social media buttons to articles and other blog posts on your website, as well. That way, readers will be able to immediately share the content they like or use.

It’s possible to schedule social media posts in advance. There are various social media management tools that can help you automate the publishing process.

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Business owners can use various visuals to enhance their content and business promotion. Various forms of video marketing, genuine images, and handy visual presentations are only some visual elements that will make your business visible on the Internet. When you add a user-friendly website and social media marketing to this formula, you’ll have an effective visual crewformaintaining your digital presence.

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