5 Chic Timepieces By Michael Kors Watches To Shop Right Now

5 Chic Timepieces By Michael Kors Watches To Shop Right Now

Watch out! If you think wristwatches are outdated and are not worth investing in, then you are wrong. Having a nice watch on is the easiest way to make a statement in the most subtle way possible. It is about time you started paying more attention to timepieces to up your style game.

Now, forbid thinking that you need to empty your pockets to make a statement. Thank god for the Michael kors watches collection, a big hit on your wallet every time you feel like switching the gears of your watch game is not required.

Without a doubt, their designs are not something one can get over so effortlessly, and you would never want to get over them. From the prodigal rose gold design to the Jet-set collection, they have always been an instant hit with the ladies of substance.

To make your hunt easy, here is a list of Michael Kors women’s watches top-of-the-line sellers that you should be sure to check out. There are options for everyone, from youngsters to refined women, who want just that one thing to nail the look. Get your card ready.

1. Slim Runway MK 2284

Straight from the batch of their millennial collection! No better way to start the list with an absolute banger of a watch. With a 42mm case that many women call the ideal size, good old quartz movement. This one ticks every box effortlessly. The round case with a thin strap looks super elegant and provides supreme ease to the eye. From the everyday office look to a semi-formal look, this gets the job done just right.

2. Parker MK 6109

All right, things are getting serious now. This glittery goodness is how you make a statement in the classiest of ways. A strong case that holds the stone bezels is undoubtedly a head-turner with a smaller footprint of 39mm, class! Fun looking lugs, acetate, gold strap links, and all this with a 30m water resistance. Anything more would be asking too much of this beauty, a sure to turn heads.

3. Darci MK 3190

For the ones who think the Parker collection is too much, this is the one for them. It does the job with comparatively less bling, and the entire thing in silver does put it in a different league.

Just as the Parker, this timepiece also has a 39mm steel case with water resistance up to 50 meters. This one screams the classy girl next door. This watch should work well with formals and casual dates. Nothing holds this one back.

4. Chambray MK 6150

If this does not give the boss lady vibe, then what does? A boyfriend watch with its elegance still intact? Take my money right now. A 38mm steel case comes with quartz movement. A silver dial that lets you pair it with literally anything. 30-meter water resistance. All this with a splash of color in the steel strap. If you are in on the whole boyfriend t-shirt hype train, you must give this one a go. Never hurt trying out new avenues when it comes to making statements and there is no choice as sure as Michael Kors watches when you want to steal the attention.

5. Mini Blair MK 5613

Mini Blair is a jazzy piece. Stones around the case that will attract a couple of eyes for sure. Regardless of the dial being smaller than 33mm since the watch case has a lot going on, it does not feel small. Oh, and the dial is not the same old dial, it is a considerable old-day date for added functionality. The case and strap are both stainless steel rose gold. The stone-studded case is enough to add enough oomph to your entire outfit.

Michael Kors watches offer us an extremely extensive range of watches to bring our personal selection to the desired level of luxury.

For anyone who is interested in the latest fashion trends and luxury and believes in recreation and reinvention trends, Michael Kors watches are the go-to haven for them to explore till they drop.

With so much to explore and cherish, with all kinds of specifications and combinations, there is absolutely nothing that you would want in a watch and they don’t have it.

The real deal would be actually making a choice from the extravagant lot of perfection and going for the one that actually justifies being your next perfect timepiece.

Click on this link https://www.darveys.com/collection/accessories/designer/michael-kors/accessories-type/watches to dive right into the tank of brilliantly crafted timepieces by Michael Kors watches and take all the time you need to bring home that swanky companion for all the errands and events. There is much more to it than the little list above and just as appealing and attractive. Check out their latest collection of glamorous watches now.

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