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5 Best Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsy Dad

With Father’s Day just around the corner, you’re probably starting to wonder what gift to get for your Dad this year. It’s a pretty tough one!

The perfect gift is one that you can enjoy seeing your Dad using and enjoying time after time, but a lot of outdoorsmen will already have everything they need to enjoy their outdoor hobbies. With a little creative thinking, you can find a gift that shows how much you care, and that he can use every day too.

If your Dad enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, read on for some great gift ideas.

Pack and carry grill

There’s nothing quite like spending a day outside in nature, hunting fishing or hiking and then camping out at night under the stars.

If the Dad in your life likes to spend time camping outdoors, then a pack and carry grill is the perfect gift option. It means that they can go on a camping adventure, and enjoy perfectly grilled food in the evening so that they are fuelled up and ready to go for their next day’s fun and games.

Pack and carry grills also work really well in the garden for hosting BBQs, and they’re perfect if you have a smaller yard because they can be neatly packed away when you aren’t using them.

Sportsman’s Guide Coupon

A lot of outdoor hobbies come with a lot of really specific accessories and tools that it’s difficult to understand if you don’t take part in that particular hobby yourself!

A Sportsman’s Guide Coupon is a really great gift option for Father’s Day 2021 because it means that your Dad can pick out the perfect gift himself, but you still get to show that you know and understand him.

If you want to make an occasion of opening up the coupon you could present it in a mug filled with sweets, make a card and envelope for it or wrap it in a scarf.

Ox Horn Whiskey Tumblers

If your outdoor Dad enjoys a whiskey after a long day in the great outdoors, then a great option is to make his drink that little more special. Sir Jack’s have crafted some beautiful whiskey tumblers out of ox horn, to give a feeling of truly being at one with nature as you enjoy your drink.

Each set comes with two tumblers, so you can enjoy a drink with him (yours doesn’t have to be whiskey!)


Every adventurer needs a backpack so that they can take all of the food and supplies with them that they need to have a fun and safe adventure outdoors. A backpack is a great gift because it will get plenty of use – just be sure to get one that’s big enough and has all of the right compartments to fit all of your Dad’s outdoor gear into it and you will be onto a winner!

GPS tracker

This one can be a gift for you too. If you ever get worried about your Dad getting lost on one of his outdoor adventures, then a GPS tracker is a great gift for you both.

He will be able to find his way at all times, and you will know that he is safe.

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