5 Amazing Benefits of Rice Hair Oil

5 Amazing Benefits of Rice Hair Oil

Rice is an integral part of our daily diet. We all know how good it is for our health, but do you know that rice oil can also be used to combat dry and frizzy hair? Rice oil is packed with nutrients that are good for the overall health of the scalp.

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Here are three benefits of using rice hair oil regularly:

  1. Naturally Improves the texture of hair: It acts as a natural conditioner by adding elasticity and volume to your hair. 
  2. Combats Dandruff:  To get rid of dandruff you can use Mamaearth rice oil for hair with a mild shampoo. This combo not only helps in getting rid of dandruff but also makes your hair shinier and smoother, and reduces your trips to the parlor.
  3. Reduce Split Ends: Rice oil massage helps in strengthening the roots of your hair. Its regular application helps reduce the breakage of the hair and split ends. 
  4. Prevent from Sunburns: Rice oil acts as a shield between your delicate skin and harsh sunlight thus preventing your scalp from sunburn.
  5. Boost Hair Growth: Rice hair oil stimulates follicles of your hair and nourishes them to optimize your hair growth. With just gentle hair messages twice every week you can notice a drastic change in not only your hair growth but also in the quality of hair.

Rice hair oil is a savior when it comes to serious hair problems. Mamaearth rice oil for hair is made from the perfect blend of rice bran, castor, and coconut oils, which makes it much safer and healthier to use.