4 Good Reasons to Schedule an Appointment With an Ear Doctor Falls Church VA

4 Good Reasons to Schedule an Appointment With an Ear Doctor Falls Church VA

You may have noticed something a little different lately that has to do with your hearing. While it could be due to some outside factor, there’s also the chance that something is up with your ears. The only way to be sure is to schedule an examination with an ear doctor Falls Church VA and see what results from the exam. If you need incentive to schedule the examination, see if any of these reasons apply in your case.

You Turn the Volume Up Higher

It seems that lately you find it necessary to crank up the volume. It happens when you’re listening to music on the way to work, while you’re watching television, or even when you’re watching a video online. That didn’t seem like any big deal to you until others began to complain that the volume was too high.

Since what they consider to be a normal volume makes it difficult to hear, you have to wonder what’s changed. It likely isn’t everyone else; the most predictable answer is that something about your hearing has changed.

Words That You Used to Hear Perfectly Are Harder to Recognize

There’s also been a change in how well you’re able to follow conversations. It seems as if more people are having trouble pronouncing consonants lately.  While you can generally figure out what’s being said, it does take a few seconds. That means the conversation may be moving on before you capture the full gist of it.

It’s not likely that everyone you know has suddenly begun to slur their words. The issue is that your hearing is somewhat muffled. If you can find out the reason for the change and determine what can be done to improve your hearing, people will sound like themselves again.

You Find Yourself Asking People to Repeat Themselves

Maybe things are past the point of having trouble hearing consonants. Entire words and strings of words seem to pass you by. The result is that you end up asking people to repeat themselves more often than in the past. It’s not just tiresome for you. There’s a good chance people are also getting tired of having to say the same thing twice.

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A visit with an ear doctor Falls Church VA will include hearing tests to determine how well you can hear. If there is some loss detected it won’t take long to find out what’s going on, if it can be corrected, or if the time has come to invest in hearing aids.

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It’s Harder to Filter Out Background Noise

One final sign that there’s a problem is the way that you hear sounds in general. In the past, it was somewhat easy to ignore background sounds and concentrate on the ones that were closer. For example, you could filter out the sound of a television playing in the background while concentrating on a conversation Now, all sounds seem to come at you with the same decibel level.

This is another sign of hearing loss. While it may be temporary due to some medication you take or some other factor, it could also be permanent. If the latter is true, the only real recourse is to look into being fitted for hearing aids.

You have nothing to lose by seeing an ear doctor, but you do have quite a bit to gain. If your hearing seems to be adversely affected in any way, schedule an examination. Once the results are in, it will be easier to figure out what needs to happen next.

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