4 Different Kinds of Footwear That You Must Know

4 Different Kinds of Footwear That You Must Know

The way people wear shoes in their everyday lives reflects their lifestyles. The type of shoes proves the aspiration people have in their life. As such, shoes are an essential part of the overall look of one’s outfit, and all have different reasons for wearing shoes.

Exposing people to different types of footwear according to their needs and lifestyles helps them make the most of their lives. And many branded models like Taos Trulie provide people with several kinds of footwear that suit different needs. Meanwhile, footwear businesses’ online website boasts their qualities and features, and here you can learn about various types of footwear available:

1. Woollen Shoes

Woollen shoes are traditionally used by people to protect them against extreme temperatures and harsh environments. The use of woollen shoes has been widespread for centuries, while the original use of woollen shoes is thought to help prevent the development of inflammatory diseases and protect the feet from external elements. The use of woollen shoes has also been traced back to the early stages of the Industrial Revolution.

It is believed that woollen shoes positively affect the health of the wearer who lives in cold climatic regions. For example, it has been suggested that woollen shoes help prevent the development of rheumatoid arthritis and reduce the risk of stroke.

Today, woollen shoes are trendy because they are incredibly comfortable, inexpensive, and durable. And many branded models like Taos Trulie are known for their quality and stylish woollen shoes made from high-quality fibre.

2. Leather Shoes

Leather is considered the ideal material for making shoes as they possess feet-friendly features like tearproof, heat insulant, breathable, and a lot more. Most importantly, it gives a very sophisticated look to the entire outfit.

The pattern of leather shoes made for the foot can be divided into three layers: the sole, the upper, and the lining. The upper is made of durable leather material that is resistant to wear and tear. Meanwhile, the lining is made elastic to be wrapped around the upper layer so the user is not fully exposed and the feet are protected during walking. The lining helps protect the foot from harsh temperatures and helps prevent slipping.

3. Sneakers

Originally, sneakers were designed for sports activities. They are known by many different names like sports shoes, gym shoes, and running shoes. However, now they are commonly used as casual footwear and are made of synthetic material that assures durability.

It comes in many different models like high tops, low tops, and mid-cut sneakers. A high top sneaker covers the ankle, while the low-top sneakers (also called Oxfords) do not. Meanwhile, mid-cut sneakers stand somewhere in the middle when it comes to coverage.

4. Boots

A boot is a shoe worn with an outer leather band or other materials like rubber or canvas. And today, boots are made from many different materials. They are used in many sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, and softball, while some shoes even extend up to the thighs.

Traditionally, people used it to protect their feet from mud puddles, infectious diseases, snakebites, insect bites, and extreme temperatures. However, boots are not only worn for their functionality but also for their style.

So, to sum up, modern designs and technology in businesses are determined to give utmost comfort to their customers by catering to them with the most suitable shoes according to their needs and everyday work. Hence, analyse your need and choose the best footwear that supports you throughout the day.