36 Uses of OCR Tool That Help You Everyday

36 Uses of OCR Tool That Help You Everyday

Nowadays our planet is revolving around technologies. In every aspect of life, technologies are overtaking our manual work, from washing clothes to attending a lecture, from eye surgery to shopping online, etc.

For this reason, many high tech companies are developing numerous tools and software’s to make our daily life easier.      

Similarly, the OCR tool is one great addition to your life as it eases everyday manual works.

Gone those days when it was all about manual typing or sitting out there and taking hours to copy text from other physical documents, thanks to OCR Tools that has eased all these works and many others.

So before going deeper into the uses of it, first one should know what is this technology?

What is OCR technology?

OCR is a small abbreviation of Optical Character Recognition, as the name gives a hint, it’s a technology that recognizes character that undergoes its sight.

It transforms a physical character virtually into the best suitable electronic character, this form of application is also known as an image to text converting. 

However, it can scan a physical character on any page, handwritten on a piece of paper, even in a photo, and with the help of a converter application, it can further convert a physical character into digital or machine-readable text data.

When was OCR discovered?

In the early 1970’s “Mr.Ray Kurzwell commercialized Omni-font OCR which could process text printed in almost any font” later on with the advancement back in the 2000’s it became available online as a cloud-based service, that could be accessed by desktop and mobile applications. 

Since then the technology has undergone several improvements and currently, this technology is delivering results that are near to perfect Accuracy.

Since then with new advancements in this technology, it has become more and more useful in daily life activities. 

Further, below are the top uses of the OCR tool that help you every day.

Uses of OCR Tool That Help You Everyday

1. Office manual filling system

In every office filling system is very important, traditionally firms and companies used to have a separate large room fully stacked with files but now thanks to OCR technology as it has helped in eliminating manual filing system with a new digitalizing file system.

Through this digitalizing file system, it has become very easy for an organization to retrieve important content from any file specifically names, contacts, keywords, phrases, and details.

It has turned out to retrieve information from digital files quite effortlessly.

2. Converting old manuscripts, books, and written notes

Traditionally it was quite difficult for museums and old libraries to preserve old books, old manuscripts, and handwritten notes to make it easy for visitors to read those materials.

Since the OCR technology has got so advanced it has helped to revive those old not so easy to read materials into user-friendly digital texts.

These user-friendly digital texts can be further accessed easily through the internet on Wikipedia and relevant platforms.  

Besides users can also use these digital texts in their assignments, thesis, and projects.

3. Automatic data extraction and minimal errors in data entries

By using OCR tools many companies and firms are utilizing its benefits such as it helps in extracting important data from a physical document or image directly onto their application software.

While doing multitasking and loads of work one can commit mistakes or errors while typing data entries manually, but this advanced technology can minimize the errors in data entries by combining it with the latest machine learning and AI technologies.

4. Copy-paste content from physical documents 

In this digital era, there are a lot of useful things that one has to copy-paste content from important documents, thanks to image to text converter as this tool extract text from an image. 

One can use this tool to extract essential texts from a physical document or image and convert it into digital formats for further editable purposes, along with minimizing human manual copy-pasting errors.

5. Aiding the blinds in offices

 People who are living blind also have the right to work in offices and organizations, thanks to text to speech and OCR technologies that both help or aid in reading documents aloud and further those special human beings can perform work-related activities.

6. Voucher and coupon scanning 

In this digital era where online shopping has become very popular many merchants are running promotions that are often leading to this platform.

In the past consumers had to go through several manual procedures or time-taking processes which consumers disliked. 

Through using these advanced OCR tools, bar codes, coupon, and voucher codes all can be easily automated by scan-able mobile-ready codes.


There are many benefits of using this technology as mentioned above. Hence, people should freely use this technology to save their time, effort, and increase their work productivity.