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3 Benefits of the Online Education Revolution

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to re-evaluate how they view conventional modes of education and compare them with learning on online Civics Past Papers and Answers. While it may seem like the popularity of online education is solely due to schools and universities conducting classes on platforms like Zoom and Google Meet for a year, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that e-learning was already on the rise.

In this context, it’s better to analyse the benefits of online tutoring and the feasibility of learning diverse subjects such as English, Science and Maths online while looking into some of the reasons people prefer online education.

Furthermore, the EdTech sector in Australia is likely to see rapid growth and development in the coming years with an improvement in technology and an increase in investment. So, let’s find out the benefits of online education:

1. Content

Learning via an online platform is always a more enriching experience for students. Improved animation and graphics can simplify difficult concepts and make them easy to grasp. Teachers can use various types of audio-visual aid to enhance their classes and make tutoring more effective.

There is also potential for developing more creative avenues, and the quality of online education is only bound to get better. Besides, a conventional classroom is bound by physical constraints and has limited room to develop. On the other hand, online learning platforms can complement Australian schooling and the curriculum, making education more dynamic and well-rounded.

2. Convenience

Online education can transcend international boundaries. A vast amount of resources and learning materials are literally available for everyone at their fingertips. Universities across Australia, such as UNSW and the University of Adelaide, are now offering open courses online, making it possible for everyone to access high-quality content without enrolling themselves for a particular course physically.

Meanwhile, the basics of subjects for school-going students have also been covered, thanks to the tutoring services that are available online. Hence, it is now very easy for students to resolve doubts in subjects like science and maths online. This helps them to practice problem-solving and go beyond the confines of the textbook.

3. Affordability

The costs of online learning are much lower compared to physical academics. This is because costs related to large-scale infrastructure, accommodation, overheads and transportation are eliminated in the e-learning process. This makes high-quality education extremely affordable, and thereby, more accessible. This lowered cost may also encourage parents to supplement their child’s learning at school with tutoring. The acquisition and repayment of student loans make most people hesitate to pursue their academic interests. And in such a situation, online education offers a cost-effective and hassle-free alternative to them.

To add on, improvement in technology has mitigated most of the problems surrounding the usage of electronic devices for extended periods. And the success of online education is evident as most of the world is convinced that this is the way forward.

With new online education platforms coming to the fore with novel technologies, online education programs are expected to skyrocket in the coming years. And with the pandemic situation still remaining unsure, this will greatly benefit students, and especially parents who are contemplating their children’s education and future. For centuries the conventional schooling system has remained untouched and hence been void of any innovations. So, now with the advent of a new age, a revolution is being made in this frontier, and that is for everyone’s good.

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