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188BET: Asia’s Best Online Casino Site

188bet is a casino that is now making an effort to take advantage of the demand for reliable online casinos and sportsbooks. Indian gamblers have a limited amount of alternatives for each casino, therefore casinos can draw attention in a variety of ways. Through independent accreditation and a recognized license, 188bet attests to its legitimacy.

Read the assessments of our specialists on the 188bet casino’s usability, game choices, and security. We look into the customer support, website design, and security features of 188bet casino so that you can decide if it’s right for you before signing up.

What Year Was 188bet Casino Established?

In 2006, Cube Limited launched the first iteration of the online casino. It has developed new software to host a range of games during the past 13 years, and a developing sportsbook. The casino has concentrated on the Asian gambling industry since it opened.

Does 188bet have a good reputation?

In the online gaming sector, 188bet hasn’t received many bad reviews. With a wide selection of games and a simple UI, it’s a nice middle-of-the-road alternative. Since most users are amicable or impartial, there aren’t many fervent advocates or opponents on the site.

The casino’s inconsistent social media presence is one questionable aspect. Its Twitter account has been temporarily banned due to odd behavior, which might mean anything. The casino wants to contact with those who have already visited there because of how far away it is. 

How Popular Is 188bet?

Due to its low Alexa.com ranking, 188BET is not well-known in the Indian market. The website draws lots of Chinese players in Taiwan and Macao because it primarily serves Southeast Asian gamblers. Gamblers from India are not the only ones who enjoy it; the Portuguese-speaking population of Brazil also does.

Is Cube Limited a firm that is traded publicly?

The holding company for 188bet, Cube Limited, is not listed on any stock exchanges. The company is privately held and operated. It does not have a significant online presence outside of the casino.

Companies connected to 188bet

The only casino using the Cube Limited name right now is 188bet. The casino offers a promotional affiliate scheme to other websites, despite the fact that it is not connected to any other online casinos or businesses.

188bet has a responsible gambling policy

Self-responsibility and underage gambling are two facets of ethical gaming that the 188bet crew is particularly concerned with. The website asks for member identification to confirm that they are at least 18 years old in order to address the first problem. The team also offers links to a number of tools that may be used to enhance parental internet controls and restrict kids’ access to 188bet and related websites.

The casino offers several tools to address the latter issue. To determine whether they have a problem, gamblers should first ask themselves the probing questions on the support team’s list. 

The casino also provides a link to a test where players can take it anonymously to get assistance. Additionally, the casino offers self-exclusion periods of six months to five years. Users can utilize the Time Out feature to lock themselves out of their accounts for a certain amount of time if they only need a brief break.

Depositing Money at 188bet Casino

Most users won’t have any trouble signing up for an account at 188bet. Each page has a “Sign Up” button that is easily accessible, making registration quick and easy. Indian players still have to make certain concessions because the site wasn’t created for them, and authenticating your documentation takes time.

These details are required in order to register. The website will ask you for some basic information when you start the registration process. The questions on your first page will request the following details: 

  • The desired currency for residency (GBP, EUR, or USD) is identified in the data.
  • Identifier: Password:
  • Additionally, you must attest that you agree to the terms of service. 

Is there any paperwork needed in order to withdraw money from 188bet?

You’ll need to provide more information if you want to withdraw money from your account. You’ll require a recognized form of government-issued identification, such your passport or driver’s license. This should ideally include your current address. 

The customer support team will need to authenticate these papers prior to allowing the withdrawal, and you will still be required to provide the required information for your bank account or digital wallet.

How Easy Is It to Register for an 188Bet Account?

Like many other online casinos, 188bet’s first signup page asks for digital contact information as well as the selection of a username and password. 

Once you’ve verified your email address, the website will send you a link to finish the registration process. Before you can participate in any of the games or make sports bets, you must first verify your address and then submit your address, birth date, and payment information.

How Does 188bet Check Your Paperwork?

Each of your documents must be thoroughly examined by the customer service team. The staff must compare these documents to a range of government issuing bodies with various requirements because the casino welcomes players from all around the world. 

It can take some time for your records to be confirmed as a result, but you can still participate while you wait.

How soon can I start using real money to play?

Depending on your banking information, it could take some time before you can start playing games for real money. Before using the website, you must register and validate your email address. 

You must upload scanned copies of your identification before you can begin playing. However, the majority of players can start playing right away after registering.

Deposits and withdrawals at 188bet

Like many other foreign online casinos, 188bet prefers to accept payments made using online wallets like Skrill and Neteller. Bank transfers are a possibility, but they can take longer than anticipated and some national banks might not accept them. 

Major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, and others are accepted, however withdrawals are not permitted. Therefore, we advise Indian players to sign up for Skrill or Neteller before joining 188bet.

Methods of Deposit at 188bet Casino

Major credit cards and electronic wallets are allowed at 188BET for online deposits, as was previously mentioned. Even though you can deposit money through an online bank transfer, your bank could not work with this casino. The easiest ways to fund your account are using credit cards, Neteller, and Skrill.

How to Get Your Payback

Despite the limited number of withdrawal options, the casino does let you request a real check be made out to you. The wait period for this service can be too long, even since the casino needs 47 working days to process it before sending the check to you overseas. 

Because the costs associated with this withdrawal option vary depending on the size of the check and the distance that it must be shipped, we advise Indian players to instead use digital wallets like Skrill and Neteller. 

Do I need to provide evidence of the source of my funds?

Most of the time, you won’t need to provide proof of where your money came from. The form of proof the casino may obtain from such people varies because it works with players from different geographical areas. 

That is primarily to blame. The rules that apply to license holders from the Isle of Man do not apply to license holders from Malta or other nations.

Promotions and Bonuses at 188bet Casino

In recent years, 188bet has improved its bonus offers and promotions. Before, this casino lacked some promotions, like a sizable welcome bonus. Indian players can now access many of the ongoing perks that other casinos and sportsbooks provide.

Introducing 188bet’s Bonuses

The first 188bet incentive provided to participants is the first deposit bonus. Based on the “88” in the name 188bet, these bonuses are valued in USD. The best feature of this deal is that you can start using it as soon as you make the required minimum deposit. 

No 188bet promo code is needed to receive the bonus, which is worth up to 388 USD and equal to 28% of your initial deposit.

Monthly bonuses and rebate bonuses are additional perks. The periodic bonuses include conventional benefits like recurring deposit bonuses, rewards for making deposits on specific days, and incentives for trying out new games. 

Poker players also get unique access to substantially greater recurring bonuses with EUR values. You might need to get in touch with customer service to find out if your account is eligible because some benefits are different from the others.

Deals that are running at 188bet

The Weekly Slot Lucky Draw Bonus is currently 188bet’s most intriguing bonus offer. Indians who enjoy playing on online slots should take advantage of this promotion. 

You will get one entry into the weekly drawing for every USD60 total bet you place on games that are eligible. If your name is drawn, you’ll get a gift worth between $8 and $388. 

These incentives are unique because the rollover rate is 1x rather than the usual 15x. However, these benefits are only accessible to players that have USD set as their preferred currency. 

Is there a limit on how I can get extra rewards while making cash withdrawals?

A: The strict rollover requirements must be met by Indian players at 188bet and other casinos before they can receive bonus payouts. For instance, the first deposit bonus contains a requirement that must be fulfilled 90 days after the bonus is acquired: a 15x rollover. You need to wager $3,000 over the next 90 days in order to get the $200 cash bonus. 

Exist any restrictions on wagers that do not satisfy the promotional rollover requirements?

A: Yes. Bets placed at poker tables in arcades and real casinos do count toward this requirement, but bets placed at slots, on sporting events, and on the bulk of table games do not. 

Exists an 188bet rewards program?

There is no loyalty program at 188bet, in contrast to other online casinos. Instead of a loyalty program, the online casino and sportsbook give all of their customers better payout odds. 

After the initial deposit, are there any extra deposit benefits available?

A: The casino occasionally offers bonuses for brand-new deposits. These bonuses are comparable to the first deposit bonus in terms of percentage payout and rollover requirements, however they are only occasionally offered. To view the most recent offers that are currently available, go to the casino’s promotions website.

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