A career today in digital marketing is very satisfying but do you think the life of a digital marketer is easy?

If you think so, then you are mistaken. We have always heard about specializing in one field to be successful in our careers but if you want to be a successful digital marketer you need to be the jack of all trades.

Being a digital marketer, you need to be able to write decent content. You also need to have a slight knowledge of SEO, social media, and email marketing. To know and learn about them in-depth you can connect with Digital Marketing Courses in Pune.

But, are this slight knowledge enough? The answer is NO. digital marketing requires a lot of knowledge about different tools and requires effort and time. To save this time and effort, digital marketers have a lot of tools at their disposal that helps them in keeping track of their work and help them stay at par with their competition.

Here in this article, we will look at some similar tools that every digital marketer should know about and use in his marketing career.

Some of the Digital Marketing Tools Are listed below

1. Google Analytics: This is one of the most common tools by marketers. It might seem to be complicated in the beginning but once you start using it daily it becomes easier. It will give you a detailed insight into how the customers are engaging with your website. According to some sources, Google Analytics is used by 57.8% of all the websites, which is a traffic analysis tool market share of82.7%. With the introduction of the new Google Optimize platform, integrated with Google Analytics, you can even perform/B testing and make the best choice based on data.

2. HubSpot Marketing: This tool is essential for anything inbound. We can use this tool to look into important KPIs inside each tool’s dashboard. If you want to know more about this tool and take training in it, you can take it at Online Digital Marketing Course. When you start, there are several tools for free. You can set up web forms, popup forms and send email marketing campaigns. It pipes in all the information into the free CRM and thus helps in analysing the site visitors’ behaviour. Once you move further into it, it starts getting complicated with advanced marketing automation. HubSpot is an all-in-one tool. It helps in managing content and social media to email campaigns and connecting with leads.

3. Google Trends: this is another tool by Google that helps in analysing the popularity of the websites and helps in ranking them. It helps analyse the popularity of top search queries in Google Search across various location and languages. After completing the analysis, it then shows this information using graphs for everyone to understand easily without any problems. Whether you need authentication on your idea, conduct competitive research, or see the topics that are making waves amongst your target audience, Google Trends is the perfect comparison tool. You can join an online digital marketing course to learn more about this.
4. Optimizely: This tool is one of the best tools available for digital marketing. It combines tools for visual creation and audience targeting to experiment on the different segments of the audience. It lets you control the number of people that see your experiment and then calculate their responses in segments. It allows the marketers to get accurate, fast and trusted results.

5. SEMrush: This is another tool that helps SEOs, paid search experts, and digital marketers track and improve search rankings. It allows us to track the position of our priority keywords and likewise explore new terms to rank for. This tool can also be used to perform a comprehensive technical SEO audit.

6. Hootsuite: when it comes to social media analytics and marketing, Hootsuite is the best tool used by most digital marketers all over the world. It helps in storing and scheduling social media posts before time on a variety of social media platforms. It helps in tracking your social media content, ROI, public conversations about your brand, calculate conversions, and many other things.

7. Moz: This tool offers a great collection of free and paid SEO tools. We can easily keep track of rankings, link-building campaigns, and content marketing efforts with Moz or Moz local. It can also be used to easily conduct keyword searches, backlink analysis, and page analytics. The tool has a site crawler.

8. Canva: Every social media post and content that is posted online needs eye-catching images to attract users. Canva offers built-in templates, images of various sizes. These features can give your posts the silver lining that it needs. You do not need to be professional in graphics. This tool helps in creating social images, CTA buttons, and infographics for free.

9. Visme: This tool mainly allows in creating presentations and data visualization. Infographics are a powerful way to deliver information to the target audience and including infographics in your marketing strategy ups your game. Viseme helps you in creating and adding infographics to your content. This tool contains a lot of templates that can be converted into beautiful interactive infographics. It also helps you pull data from external sources and use it to make a presentation.

10. Mailchimp: It is one of the most used email marketing software available in the market. It offers both paid and free services with variations of prices concerning the business needs. It not only sends emails but also gives automated detailed analytics that would help in improvising your business. It has eight million daily users and has a straightforward platform that makes it easy for people to use. you can learn using this tool by joining the Digital Marketing Training in Pune
11. Charlie: Customer relationship management or CRM is an essential part of digital marketing. It is one of the tools that makes knowing a person quite easy and quick. It helps digital marketers learn whatever they need to about people, from their likes or dislikes to the things that their social media profiles say about their own personalities.


These are some of the common tools that a digital marketer should know and use daily to improve the quality of the content. The tools listed above are only a few of the tools available for people to use. To learn more about such tools and their uses you can join the Digital Marketing Classes in Pune Some of the tools mentioned above are free while the majority of the other tools are paid. You can use them on a trial basis. If you like the tools, you can subscribe and use the premium features of the tools. Try as many tools as you would like until you find the right one for your business and commit to it. This will help you in understanding the usage of all the tools and lets you select the best one by experience. The more comfortable you are with the tool, the better marketing prospects you get. The use of the correct tool will help you gain business prospects and also add valuable knowledge on how the customers behave.visit here movie4me

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